One thing I see and hear a lot of, (whether it’s in comments I read on blogs or in conversations with other people) is a genuine belief that they could not live in, what is to them, such a small space.

I find myself wondering where other people actually do all their “living”.

Sure I have regular sized house at the moment but I wouldn’t claim in any way that I do any actual living in it. Sure I eat here and I sleep here and I work here; but that’s not living. I would imagine that the same is true for most people.

“Living” tends to be the things I do away from home or even just in the back yard. The family barbecues, the¬†socializing¬†with friends, the hiking, the canoeing, the road trips, the list goes on.

When I was child, if the weather was nice we kids would get kicked out the house to go and play and would come back when it got dark or when we got hungry. Alas nowadays, children especially (but also an increasing number of adults), seem to rarely go outside, certainly not as much as I used to as a child. With that in mind, could tiny house living help get us back to a healthier lifestyle with more fresh air and outdoor activity? I definitely think so.

When you look at life from that angle, then how much room do you really need?